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If you are unable to use the mail-form above, you can email us your updates. Put your cattery name and "listing info update" in your email subject field and include what information you would like updated in your email message area

For Cat Photo Updates
Put your cattery name and "listing photo update" in the subject field of your email and specify which photos in your listing you wouldl like us to replace. Do not worry about resizing them, they will be cropped to the correct measurements to fit the allotted listing space.

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Or, if you would like us to download the photos from your website, include in your email your page URL where they are located and we'll get the photos for you.

Photograph Tips

Choose your photos wisely. Using blurry, out of focus, unclean photos do not represent your cattery well or make for a good first impression. When you take your family in for a family portrait, do the children look like they just got out of bed sleep eyes, food stains on their faces and messy hair?

All submissions will be verified within 24 hours of receiving them.

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