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Chocolate & Lilac Cat Breeders

Cattery listing of breeders around the world with chocolate and lilac kittens and cats organized alphabetically by cat breed to help you quickly find a cattery nearest you. Click the cattery name to access the breeders website where you can view more cat pictures, kittens for sale, cattery and contact information.

For kittens for sale, cats for sale click the links below to contact breeders.

Himalayan Cat Breeders

Himalayan breeders with chocolate and lilac kittens listed alphabetically by cattery name. Click the cattery names below to visit the breeders website for more information regarding Himalayan cat and kitten availability.

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A Kit kat Haven
A Kitkat Haven Himalayans & Persians - California, USA
We are a small cattery located in Camarillo, Ca. We specialize in lynx, chocolate and lilac Himalayans and CPC tabbies.

Abundant Luv cattery breeder of himalayan cats Abundant Luv
CFA registered Himalayan cattery located in Colorado. Working with chocolates, lilac, seal, flame, and other color points and champion lines. Kittens are raised with lots of love and proper socialization. Kittens are sold with written contract/health guarantee, spay & neuter clause, age appropriate vaccinations and wormings. Visit our web site for more information.

Ahramcats cattery breeder of himalayan cats

A Love4PawsA Love4Paws
We are a small cattery located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. We specialize in chocolates and lilac's with championship pedigrees. Our kittens are healthy and PKD negative. Our kittens are raised in our home and are given tons of affection and love. Our kittens are friendly and outgoing because of all of the attention they have been given!

Angel Paws CatteryAngel Paws Cattery - Richmond, VA
Kittens currently available.

 Angel Purrs cattery breeder of himalayan catsAngel Purrs

Archadtz is a small cattery in Anola, Manitoba, Canada where we strive for health and temperament in both a show quality and pet quality cat. We are currently working towards our first Grand Champion quality chocolate or lilac point and expect to be able to produce that this year. Please contact us for availability.

Ashaneeka cattery breeder of himalayan catsAshaneeka

Avomlie cattery breeder of himalayan catsAvomlie

Beechwoods Himalayans & PersiansBeechwoods Himalayans & Persians - Nashville, Tennessee

Blondbella cattery breeder of himalayan catsBlondbella

Blue Mojo cattery breeder of himalayan catsBlue Mojo

Bo Tye CatteryBo Tye Cattery

Brontti himalayansBrontti Himalayans - London England
We are a small cattery in London England with our cats registered with the GCCF and CFA. We actively show in GCCF and have some wonderful chocolate and lilac cats producing beautiful kittens.

Caithness cattery breeder of himalayan catsCaithness

Caleb-Cats cattery breeder of himalayan catsCaleb-Cats

Cashmere cattery breeder of himalayan catsCashmere Paws Cattery
Cashmere Paws is a small, in-house cattery located in Minnesota striving to raise healthy, loving, well-socialized Persians and Himalayans that will offer their new families a lifetime of companionship and love.

Catinality cattery breeder of himalayan catsCatinallity
Himalayans and Persians of distinction, most colors available in both extreme and dollface.

Cattery De La Madrilene cattery breeder of himalayan catsCattery De La Madrilene

Catzr4me cattery breeder of himalayan catsCatzR4me

Chamagoura cattery breeder of himalayan catsChamagoura

CheraVels cattery breeder of himalayan catsCheraVels
We are CFA registered cattery offering beautiful kittens. Currently we are offering three seal point chocolate carriers. Their father is CH Furrbeck Willy Wonka, a Chocolate Point. Please visit our website for photos and prices. Thank you for your interest in CheraVels kittens.

CLC-Cats cattery breeder of himalayan catsCLC-Cats

Colaura cattery breeder of himalayan catsColaura

CoCoCookie HimalayansCoCoCookie Himalayans - New Jersey, USA
Beautiful Himalayan and Persian Kittens. Cageless Cattery, CFA Registered. If interested please call 973-228-0322.

Crofoot cattery breeder of himalayan catsCrofoot

Cubic Zirconia cattery breeder of himalayan catsCubic Zirconia

Cuyuni's Himalayan & Persian Cuyuni's Himalayan & Persian
A small hobby cattery raising beautiful CFA registered Himalayan, CPC Persian kittens including chocolate and lilac carriers.

De la Douceur LilacDe la Douceur Lilac - France
Douceur Lilac is a small cattery, located in Provence, France. We breed Himalayans and Persians chocolate and lilac.

Dannyboy cattery breeder of himalayan catsDannyboy

Dannyboy cattery breeder of himalayan catsDannyboy Himalayans

Darling Jewels cattery breeder of himalayan catsDarling Jewels

Darling Purs cattery breeder of himalayan catsDarling Purs
I have been breeding chocolate and lilac points for 5 years and before that I bred silver Persians and basic Himalayan colors including blue points, cream points, seal points, tortie points and flame points. I still breed these colors but I am very partial to chocolate and lilac points - their colors are just so wonderful. Visit my web site and check out the chocolates and lilac points.

We are a small,cageless cattery based in Budapest,Hungary starting up our new program with chocolates,lilac also with lynx pattern. Our main goal is to have little furbabies with open expression and sweet nature. We are actively showing in TICA. Come and meet Morpheus,Harmony,Pearl,Angelica and all the others on our site!

DensPurr cattery breeder of himalayan catsDensPurr

Diamondsgems cattery breeder of himalayan catsDiamondsgems
We are a small CFA registered cattery in Ontario, Canada Breeding Chocolate and Lilac persians and Himalayans in Solid and Pointed. We do show our cats with the CFA.

Donegal cattery breeder of himalayan catsDonegal

Doux Calin cattery breeder of himalayan catsDoux Calin Persians & Himalayans - Canada
I breed Persians and Himalayan cats and kittens in chocolate and lilac colors.

Doux Calin cattery breeder of himalayan catsDreamhimi
We are hobby breeders who want to improve the breed and show in CFA and TICA. We have pet, show, and breeder cats and will ship. We breed all the colors including lynx point, and chocolate and lilac point. We do extensive health screening.

Dreilinien cattery breeder of himalayan catsDreilinien

Dyandilyons cattery breeder of himalayan catsDyandilyons

Echo Lake cattery breeder of himalayan catsEcho Lake
We are passionate about our ever growing chocolate program and we are happy to be producing chocolate & lilac points as well as chocolate torties, bi-color and solids. Many visuals as well as carriers. We are still working on type for the facial structure, but are quite pleased with the cobby bodies, low set ears and coats we are seeing. Feel free to check our website or e-mail for pictures.

Echoinghills cattery breeder of himalayan catsEchoinghills
CFA Registered Cattery in NE OHIO. We are specializing in chocolate and lilac varieties including solids, tabbies, lynx points, smokes, and Himalayans. Breeding for show quality, healthy cats, with the best personalities. We are working to ensure quality and perfection on our chocolate lilac program.

EpiphanyEpiphanycats Himalayans & Persians - Oregon, USA
EPIPHANY is a small cageless cattery that breeds for show. We specialize in chocolate, lilac, blue, black, red and torti. All our adults are PKD DNA tested negative. We have show, breeder and pet quality kittens available, we also have adults from time to time.

EpuffanyEpuffany Persians & Himalayans - California, USA
Small Southern California hobby breeder/shower. Working on producing Chocolate Tabby, Chocolate Bicolor and Chocolate Calico. Also get Himalayans, and Bicolor Himalayans, and other colors (Particolor, Solid). Health guaranteed.

Fajesa cattery breeder of himalayan catsFajesa

Fancyfriends cattery breeder of himalayan catsFancyfriends

Felival HimalayansFelival Himalayans

Firebrand cattery breeder of himalayan catsFirebrand
I have a small cattery located in Michigan. I raise Himalayans in all color points including Chocolate & Lilac. Persians in Chocolate and Lilac. Smokes and creams. I am trying for that perfect chocolate bicolor. I usually have pet,breeder and show kittens. Please stop by and sign my guestbook.

Fjalldrapa cattery breeder of himalayan catsFjalldrapa
Small cageless Himalayan cattery. Breeding for healthy cats, with the best personalities. Pet, breeder and show quality. We are working to ensure quality and perfection on our chocolate - lilac program

Flamboyant cattery breeder of himalayan catsFlamboyant

Fluffy´s Finest cattery breeder of himalayan catsFluffy´s Finest

Foxy cattery breeder of himalayan catsFoxy Cattery

Furrbeck HimalayansFurrbeck Himalayans

Furry DreamFurry Dream Himalayans - Brooklyn, New York, USA
Welcome to Furry Dream Cattery. We specialize in producing beautiful, soft, very tender, gentle, sweet loving purebred pedigree kittens. We have all color of kittens. Cat boarding. Professional Cat Grooming.

Glevum cattery breeder of himalayan catsGlevum Persians & Exotic - Queensland, Australia
Glevum is a small cattery in Brisbane, Australia, specialising in breeding and showing quality Persian & Exotic cats and kittens in chocolate, lilac, solid, tabby, smoke & silver tabby.

Goldstarcats cattery breeder of himalayan catsGoldstarcats

Happy Sisters cattery breeder of himalayan catsHappy Sisters

Happy Sisters cattery breeder of persian catsHimikits
Himalayan Persian kittens, CFA registered, colors include: seal point, blue point, lilac point, and chocolate point. Small cattery located in central Ohio.

Hirscheez cattery breeder of himalayan catsHirscheez

Heavenlymews cattery breeder of himalayan catsHeavenlymews
A small Texas cattery specializing in Himalayans and Persians All colors, including chocolates and lilacs, pointed and non-pointed. Championship lines include, Fullmoon, Tuleburg and Kernel. Shown in CFA and TICA.

Iguana Cattery breeder of himalayan catsIguana Cattery
We breed Persians and Himalayans in solid, tabby, smoke and silver-tabby including chocolate & lilac and carriers. PKD neg. tested lines. In the moment we have new kittens available.

Ivy Cats Cattery breeder of himalayan cats Ivy Cats
I have CFA PKD/DNA neg. Persian, Himalayan and Exotic kittens available in Indiana. Chocolate and Lilac carriers. Pet, Show and Breeder quality kittens.

Jaemak cattery breeder of himalayan catsJaemak
Small CFA registered cattery raising healthy pet, breeder, and show quality Himalayans. of all colors including lilac, chocolate and lynx points. Leukemia and DNA PKD negative. Sweet personalities and wide open expressions.

Jamren*Pl cattery breeder of himalayan catsJamren*Pl

Jodens Dolls cattery breeder of himalayan catsJodens Dolls

Joveel cattery breeder of himalayan catsJoveel

Khabaqui cattery breeder of himalayan catsKaregon - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Karegon is a TICA cattery located in Buenos Aires. We breed only FeLV - FIV and DNA PKD negative cats. Bicolour, solid, pointed and smoke beautiful Persians, Exotics and Himalayans. Chocolate / lilac and carriers are our specialty.

Karina cattery breeder of himalayan catsKarina
Karina Kittens. Happy Holidays to all of you. Lovely kitties, *07/31/07, in chocolate-tabby, lilac solid, lilac-white and black-tabby-white, for breed but also especially for cat lovers, excellent lines, PKD N/N, big round eyes would like to conquer your hearts. For any further information please kindly contact us or visit our website.

KaristaKats is a small cattery located in Central New Jersey. We are a CFA CATTERY OF EXCELLENCE raising beautiful doll face Himalayans in a loving, cage free home environment. The colors we work with are rare Chocolate, point, Blue, Seal, Tortie, and Flamepoint. Our cattery is FELV/FIV negative, PKD DNA negative, and ringworm free. We are Veterinarian inspected and approved. All kittens are CFA registered and sold with a full health guarantee.

Karoun cattery breeder of himalayan catsKaroun

Katbor-Kis cattery breeder of himalayan catsKatbor-Kis

Katbor-Kis cattery breeder of himalayan catsKatladicatz
Beautiful Himalayan kittens available. Seal points, lilac points. We also have 2 chocolate Persians, 1 male and 1 female. All the parents are PKD negative tested. The kittens will have their first vaccines, dewormed. Please e-mail for any information. We are currently taking deposits on the kittens. Visit our website for updates.

Katz Caprice cattery breeder of himalayan catsKatz Caprice

Kayamy cattery breeder of himalayan catsKayamy

Kaydekatz cattery breeder of himalayan catsKaydekatz

Kelisa cattery breeder of himalayan catsKelisa

Kelisa cattery breeder of himalayan catsKelley Katz
Small closed cattery located in Chester, VA between Petersburg & Richmond. Currently working with some of the top lines and venturing into showing with the thanks of my mentor Jeanne O'Donnell with Donegal Cattery. The Lord has blessed me with her guidance. Visit the cattery for what's available. Thanks again for considering Kelley Katz.

Khabaqui cattery breeder of himalayan catsKhabaqui

Khatynka cattery breeder of himalayan catsKhatynka

Kingdomkatz cattery breeder of himalayan catsKingdomkatz

Kingsizes cattery breeder of himalayan catsKingsizes

Kitty Kraze cattery breeder of himalayan catsKitty Kraze Himalayans & Persians - California, USA
Chocolates are our Favorite! We are a small cattery breeding the lovely choclates, chocolate points, chocolate tortie points, and all other pointed colors. Finding the right home for our furbabies is very important to us.

Kitty Kraze cattery breeder of himalayan catsKoko Creek Cattery
We are a small home based cattery, breeding for health, quality, and exceptional temperament. Specializing in chocolate, lilac, and smokes, but available in a rainbow of colors. We are a PKD DNA tested cattery. Our babies are kid tested and mother approved. Please email for more information. References are available.

Kudos cattery breeder of himalayan catsKudos

Kutzikoo cattery breeder of himalayan catsKutzikoo

Kutzikoo cattery breeder of himalayan catsLabonita

Lake Hyco cattery breeder of himalayan catsLake Hyco

Le Jandre cattery breeder of himalayan catsLe Jandre

Le Jandre cattery breeder of himalayan catsLilac Farms Cattery

Liztopcat cattery breeder of himalayan catsLiztopcat
Himalayan and Persian kittens, CFA register. Sweet and Fluffy kittens, a variety of colors Champion Lines. Home raised in a very clean environment and well socialized For more info, please call Liz (727) 736-0616 Website: Liztopcat.com

Lodestone is a new cattery,which in early 2006. We are the only CFA registered cattery in Kuwait, which is where we live. Our cattery is not very big and is cage less. Our kittens are all very sweet and friendly. They have excellent blood lines and excellent temperaments. We take great pride in our cats and are very selective about who are precious cats go to. Please, don't hesitate to email us at lodeston@lodestone-cats.com and do visit our site!

Luvmyhimis cattery breeder of himalayan catsLuvmyhimis

Mahr Sharti cattery breeder of himalayan catsMahr Sharti

Ma-Lia Katz cattery breeder of himalayan catsMa-Lia Katz

Manahos cattery breeder of himalayan catsManahos

Mani-Joo cattery breeder of himalayan catsMani-Joo

Maomar cattery breeder of himalayan catsMaomar

Maryhill cattery breeder of himalayan catsMaryhill

Meinhardus cattery breeder of himalayan catsMeinhardus

Meow House cattery breeder of himalayan catsMeow House

Mernavine cattery breeder of himalayan catsMernavine

Mernavine cattery breeder of himalayan catsMia's Charming

Mao-Rai Hymns Moi-Rae Hymns
At Moi-Rae Hymns We Breed Quality, Not Quantity. We specialize in himalayan Chocolate Carriers and Lilac colours. Moi-Rae Hymns is registered with both the CFA and TICA, whereas we show in the TICA NW and the CFA Region 2. Our ultimate goal is to show our cats; those we don't, we are looking for the perfect forever homes to give our babies. All purchasers will have a lifetime commitment of support from Moi-Rae Hymns.

Molly CoddleMolly Coddle Persians - Russia, Sankt-Petersburg
Small Himalayan cattery. Breeding for healthy cats, with the best personalities. Pet, breeder and show quality cats and kittens. We are working to ensure quality and perfection on our chocolate - lilac program.

Mondeo Animals cattery breeder of himalayan catsMondeo Animals

Montgolgotha cattery breeder of himalayan catsMontgolgotha

Moschinos cattery breeder of himalayan catsMoschinos

I am a cageless PKD/DNA cattery, raising bi-color pure persians and Himalayans. Trying to build my choc. line. My kittens are my babies and my life. I do not over breed and retire by the age of 6 yrs. Please take the time to see the beautiful kittens in my home. Thank you for your time.

Mountcascade cattery breeder of himalayan catsMountcascade

Mount Vista Persians – ARKANSAS
We breed beautiful Himalayan and Persians kittens registered with the CFA. We are located in Arkansas. Visit our website and let us know if you have any questions.

Mtn-Mews cattery breeder of himalayan catsMtn-Mews

Mussi Musk cattery breeder of himalayan catsMussi Musk

Mystere cattery breeder of himalayan catsMystere

New Destiny cattery breeder of himalayan catsNew Destiny

Nicopi cattery breeder of himalayan catsNicopi

Nikita's cattery breeder of himalayan catsNikita's

Noradawn cattery breeder of himalayan catsNoradawn

Pacific Purr cattery breeder of himalayan catsPacific Purr

Padicatz cattery breeder of himalayan catsPadicatz

Palmtree cattery breeder of himalayan catsPalmtree

Paula's Pride cattery breeder of himalayan catsPaula's Pride

Pawdance cattery breeder of himalayan catsPawdance

Paws and Purrs cattery breeder of himalayan catsPaws and Purrs

Perpoints cattery breeder of himalayan catsPerpoints
Small Cattery located in Central Ohio. Currently specializing in Lynx Points including chocolate and lilac. Kittens are well socialized and come with a Health Guarantee. All kittens are checked by a Veterinarian and current on vaccinations. Shipping is available within the United States at the Buyer's expense.

Pirayas cattery breeder of himalayan catsPirayas

Pirayas cattery breeder of himalayan catsPrairiecat
Prairiecat is a small Himalayan cageless cattery located near Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We raise mainly Chocolate and Lilac Points Himalayans, but we also have a few Persians to support the quality of our Himalayans.

Praising HIMPraising HIM Himalayan & Persians - Southern Indiana
have a small in the home cfa registered cattery located in Southern Indiana. I have had Persians and or Himalayans since I was a child. I currently have 4 Queens-Lilac point, torti points, 1-Himalayan King and 1 Persian King, My goal is to raise healthy, happy well socialized beautiful babies with a great temperment. Kittens are raised in my home, they are not caged. Parents are FeLuk Negative. Kittens leave with food, toys, & blanket.

Pirayas cattery breeder of himalayan catsPrecious Meow

PureLee cattery breeder of himalayan catsPureLee

Purfect Kitty CatteryPurfect Kitty Cattery
We are a small in-home, smoke-free CFA registered cattery breeding Himalayan & CPC Doll Faced Persians. Chocolate and Lilac visuals that are FeLV/FIV negative and PKD DNA tested.

Pussini cattery breeder of himalayan catsPurristic Himalayan & Persians
CFA Registered Cattery located in So California. We breed both Persians and Himalayans and strive for sweet, friendly personalities and good health.

Pussini cattery breeder of himalayan catsPussini

Raritet cattery breeder of himalayan catsRaritet

Rejouissance cattery breeder of himalayan catsRejouissance

Ritzykitz cattery breeder of himalayan catsRitzykitz

Rosegarth cattery breeder of himalayan catsRosegarth
A small hobby cattery in London, England specializing in quality chocolate and lilac Himalayans, Solids, Tabbies and Bicolors since 1985. Also a small program of top pure solid and bicolor Persians including, Boberan, DeLindar, Tehy, Steeplechase, Kuorii, Candirand and Marhei lines blended with our chocolate lines.

Russellcats cattery breeder of himalayan catsRussellcats

Ryani cattery breeder of himalayan catsRyani

Sache CatterySache Himalayan Cattery - Virginia
My cattery is PKD, Felv, Fiv neg. and ringworm free! my lines are Countrygal, Inthewind, Lake Hyco, Foxy, etc. I have a couple of litters a year. I have choc and all the other wonderful colors available show and pet cats and kittens.

Scaatycats cattery breeder of himalayan catsScaatycats
We are a small, cage free cattery. Our main interest is in the development of the Lilac Chocolate Point Himalayans, as well as, Solid Chocolate and Lilac Persians. We work with top bloodlines for show, breeding and, very occasionally, pets. We are breeding for a 'sweet, open expression‘. We follow the CFA, Persian Breed Standard.

Serafinaz cattery breeder of himalayan catsSerafinaz

Shou cattery breeder of himalayan catsShou

Show Felines cattery breeder of himalayan catsShow Felines

Sinihuiskan cattery breeder of himalayan catsSinihuiskan

SmoochcatcatterySmoochacat Cattery - Alabama, USA
We are a Small CFA Cattery raising beautiful and loving chocolate and lilac himalayan and persian kittens. Breeding for the CFA Standards for showing and also have sweet, adorable kittens for all cat lovers to enjoy. PKD Negative, Health Guarantee Always. Please visit our Website for available kittens or litter announcements.

Snoline cattery breeder of himalayan catsSnoline

Stepping Stone cattery breeder of himalayan catsStepping Stone

Suzelle cattery breeder of himalayan catsSuzelle

Sweatmagic cattery breeder of himalayan catsSweatmagic

Sweetharmony cattery breeder of himalayan catsSweetharmony Himalayans & Persians - Cyprus
Small cattery with PKD DNA tested cats. We are breeding chocolate and lilac self, Bi color, Van, Tabby, Silver-Tabby and Smoke. Serious inquiries are welcome.

TCHAMINA`S cattery breeder of himalayan catsTchamina's

Tendertabbies cattery breeder of himalayan catsTendertabbies

Tracylooe cattery breeder of himalayan catsTracylooe

Trujillo catteryTrujillo - California
Small show cattery specializing in Chocolate, Lilac, and Lynx Point Himalayans and Persians. PKD Negative. Other colors too.

Triolyn cattery breeder of himalayan catsTriolyn

Tuleburg cattery breeder of himalayan catsTuleburg Himalayans & Persians - California
Tuleburg Cattery, located in Sebastopol, CA, specializes in breeding of chocolate and lilac kittens, in both solid and pointed varieties. We currently have available solid chocolates, a chocolate tortie, a chocolate tortie point, and a solid chocolate male, worthy of breeding and showing.

Tyland cattery breeder of himalayan catsTyland

Victorian Gardens Cattery Victorian Gardens Cattery - North Carolina
Victorian Gardens Cattery is a small cage free CFA registered Cattery located in Hamilton, North Carolina. Our sires and dams produce beautiful PKD, FELV, FIV negative Persians and Himalayans. We are a HCM Scanned Negative Cattery. All our Dams and Sires are cardiac ultrasounded for HCM, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and come with a 6 year HCM Health Guarantee as well as a one year Genetic Health Guarantee. We DNA test all our foundation dams and sires. Our newest National, Grand Champion and Champion Lines include Stepping Stone, My Ty, Polcann, Homerkits, Uno Belgatto and Catillak to name just a few. Our Sires and Dams produce kittens in an array of colors, including the rarer Chocolate and Lilac colors. All our kittens come with a Veterinarian Health Certificate, 2 sets of 3 in 1 w/Leukemia vaccines, at least 3 dewormings, and a very generous Kitten Care Kit. Please check out our YouTube Videos, Our Cattery Blog, Photo Galley, and Available Kittens Page on our website. We can be reached at (252) 628-9104.

vom Havelland cattery breeder of himalayan catsvom Havelland

von Begrow cattery breeder of himalayan catsvon Begrow

Wistaria cattery breeder of himalayan catsWistaria
Cattery Wistaria, CZ is registered with FIFe since 1986. I am specialized in the breed of persian colorpoint (himalayan) cats & CPC´s including lilac and chocolate colors.

Westpoint cattery breeder of himalayan catsWestpoint
We are Small cattery located in Denmark we`ve been breeding Persians, Himalayans, and Exotics since 1980. (We do not have exotics in our persian/himalayan lines). We`re are breeding chocolate, lilac, black, blue & tabby. All raised as members of the family. All our cats are PKD tested NEGATIVE by DNA.

WhispurrpawsWhispurrpaws Persians & Himalayans - Illinois
Whispurrpaws is a small, in-home, DNA PKD NEGATIVE cattery located in Illinois. We raise a limited number of beautiful, healthy, well-socialized Persian & Himalayan kittens. Specializing in bi-colors, calicos, vans, chocolates, lilacs & bi-color Himalayans. Please visit the website for further info. Serious inquiries are always welcome and photos of our precious kittens are available upon request.

Wonderfluf cattery breeder of himalayan catsWonderfluf
Family raised, superb quality dollface kittens bred for health, beauty and warm loving dispositions. Most colors including Chocolate and Lilac. Solids, Himalayans, Bicolors. We are a PKD tested Cattery! CFA registered, vet checked, and come with written Health Guarantee.

Himalayan breeders listed by their cattery

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Himalayan breeders listed by their cattery

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