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Chocolate Persians & Lilac Persians
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Cattery listing of chocolate Persian breeders around the world with chocolate and lilac purebred kittens for sale, organized alphabetically by cat breed to help you quickly find a cattery nearest you. Click the cattery name to access the chocolate cat breeders website where you can view more cat pictures, kittens for sale, cattery and contact information.

Locate cat breeders with persian kittens for sale cat colors, chocolate, lilac, chocolate tortoiseshell, lilac cream, chocolate & white bicolor, lilac & white bicolor, chocolate tabby, lilac tabby, chocolate lynx point, lilac lynx point, chocolate tortie point, lilac cream point, chocolate smoke, lilac smoke and more.

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For kittens for sale, cats for sale click the links below to contact breeders.

Persian Cat Breeders

Persian breeders with chocolate and lilac kittens listed alphabetically by cattery name. Click the cattery names below to visit the breeders website for more information regarding Persian cat and kitten availability.

Ashaneeka Himalayans & Persians - (GCCF) Surrey, United Kingdom
Breeding Persians for twenty years now, producing most colours in the Himalayans including tabby and specialising in chocolate series.

Benessere Persians - Cyprus, Nicosia
We are small home cattery breeding persians in bicolor and selfs, also tortie and tabby. Our cats are chocolate carries. Healthy and PKD negetive cats. All kittens come with FIFe registration and vaccination records. Our kitties are raised in our home as part of our family. We love chocolate and lilac and we are introducing a Bi-colour program in 2011 with chocolates & lilac bi-colors. Thanks for your time and please visit our cattery.

Bina's Persians - Sweden
Bina´s is a small hobby cattery, established in 2004. With a special interest in the colour of chocolate and lilac. Our goal is to produce healthy cats with that sweet expression

Blondbella Persian & Exotic Shorthair - South Yorkshire, England

Boutique Kittens - Indiana

Brontti Persians - London
Small cattery in London specializing in chocolate and lilac colorpoints.

Caleb-Cats - West Virginia



Celandine - Netherlands
Hello, my name is Korrie Jagersma and I live in the Netherlands. I have a small cattery with three female Persian cats and one male Persian cat, and one Selkirk Rex male and three Selkirk Rex female cats. I breed the color chocolate, and lilac.

Chatil De Rex
We are a small cattery, raising chocolate self and bicolour Persians with very good temperament. We live in Denmark.

Chocolate Diamonds Cattery
See our ad in the kittens section of cat fanciers. We have kittens available, solid chocolate Persian kittens, and Himalayan kittens available. Now accepting depoits to hold.

Chocolatino Persians - Moscow
Cattery of chocolate classic tabby exotic Yang Yoda Katbor-Kis & other beautiful chocolate and lilac exotic & persian cats (lines Katbor-Kis, Juki, Tyland, Massar, Oakheaven, Rarity, Latlorien, Nattaja, Live Toy, Vita-Nova).


Dannyboy - England


Djavupurrs Persians - Kentucky, USA
We are a small cageless in-home cattery specializing in quality, healthy and socialized kittens. Our cats and kittens are raised as part of our family and even sleeps with us! We offer all colors Persian, and Himalayans, but we specialize in Choc/Lilac and Bi-color Points.

EMGems Persians - Oregon, USA
We are a small home based cattery located on the Oregon Coast. Our primary goal is to breed and raise healthy chocolate and lilac Persian cats with sweet temperaments.

Epiphanycats Persians & Himalayans - Oregon, USA
EPIPHANY is a small cageless cattery that breeds for show. We specialize in chocolate, lilac, blue, black, red and torti. All our adults are PKD DNA tested negative. We have show, breeder and pet quality kittens available, we also have adults from time to time.

Epuffany Persians & Himalayans - California, USA
Small Southern California hobby breeder/shower. Working on producing Chocolate Tabby, Chocolate Bicolor and Chocolate Calico. Also get Himalayans, and Bicolor Himalayans, and other colors (Particolor, Solid). Health guaranteed.

EYE Kandyz
Newly specializing in chocolate - lilac bicolors, tabbies, smokes, and silvers. Small scale in home cattery with only a couple litters a year. Babies and adults raised around children, small dogs, and everyday noises to better socialize them and prepare them for their new families or the show hall. Email with questions about upcoming litters.




Fluffy´s Finest

Furry Dream Himalayans - Brooklyn, New York, USA
Welcome to Furry Dream Cattery. We specialize in producing beautiful, soft, very tender, gentle, sweet loving purebred pedigree kittens. We have all color of kittens. Cat boarding. Professional Cat Grooming.

Glevum Persian & Exotics


Happy Hollow Cattery
Located near Springfield, Mo we have a small in home cattery working with Persian and Himalayan chocolate/lilac carriers. All kittens are vet ck'd with required vaccines. We are a PKD/FELV negative cattery where your dreams of a kitten really do come true!

Happy Sisters

Hazel Hill Persian Cattery - Florida
We are a small, CFA registered cattery located in Tampa, Florida; specializing in top show quality chocolate kittens. We are strictly a cageless cattery. Champion and Grand Champion bloodlines. Our lines include: Scaatycats, Chamagoura, Patsquats, Fur Pleasure, Meow House, etc.

Himalayan Persian kittens, CFA registered, colors include: seal point, blue point, lilac point, and chocolate point. Small cattery located in central Ohio.


Hurr Purr Cattery

Hypknoxs Persians - Sweden
Persians and exotic longhair in chocolat and lilac, bicolor and solids. PKD negative cageless cattery in Stockholm, Sweden

Iguana Cattery
We breed persians and Himalayans in solid, tabby, smoke and silver-tabby including chocolate & lilac and carriers. PKD neg. tested lines. In the moment we have new kittens available.




Karina Kittens. Happy Holidays to all of you. Lovely kitties, *07/31/07, in chocolate-tabby, lilac solid, lilac-white and black-tabby-white, for breed but also especially for cat lovers, excellent lines, PKD N/N, big round eyes would like to conquer your hearts. For any further information please kindly contact us or visit our website.

KaristaKats is a small cattery located in Central New Jersey. We are a CFA CATTERY OF EXCELLENCE raising beautiful doll face Himalayans in a loving, cage free home environment. The colors we work with are rare Chocolate, point, Blue, Seal, Tortie, and Flamepoint. Our cattery is FELV/FIV negative, PKD DNA negative, and ringworm free. We are Veterinarian inspected and approved. All kittens are CFA registered and sold with a full health guarantee.



Katz Caprice







Kitty Kraze Himalayans & Persians - California, USA
Chocolates are our Favorite! We are a small cattery breeding the lovely choclates, chocolate points, chocolate tortie points, and all other pointed colors. Finding the right home for our furbabies is very important to us.

Please see our website for information about our cattery and out current kittens.



Lake Hyco

Lauradam Persians
I have a small hobby cattery in the north east of England, I specialize in chocolates and lilacs in selfs and tabbies. I am registered with the GCCF.

I have been Breeding since 2000 and specialize in Colour Point Persians and Exotics. Recently I started to introduce chocolate to my lines and develop a line of Chocolate Silver Tabbies as well as solid Solid Chocolates and hopefully Chocolate Tabbies.

Le Jandre

Le Jandre cattery breeder of himalayan catsLilac Farms Cattery

We breed Persian without exotic lines and also any exotic (shorthair-longhair).All our cats live in family ring with 1 dog and 1 rabbit, all are screened for PKD and we begin to do the DNA tests. Our chocolate cats and carrier cats are with or without white so we can breed chocolate and lilac bicolour included van pattern.

Linrenay - Ohio
We are a mother and daughter small home based cage free cattery. Our kittens come from Grand Champion and Champion blood lines. We are a P.K.D. tested neg. cattery. Kittens are raised underfoot to become loving members of your family. Kittens will come to you with age appropriate vaccinations. We have both doll faced and extreme faced cats. Babies are given lots of love and attention on a daily basis.

Liz's Top Cat - Florida
Persian and Himalayan CFA registered. Sweet and Fluffy kittens. All colors including Chocolate and Lilacs. Raised in a very clean and loving home, all kittens are well socialized and used to be groom, very healthy and playful. Health Certificates will be provided by a licensed veterinarian. For more info please contact me at any time.


Mahr Sharti

Ma-Lia Katz




We breed and show quality Persians from proven supreme blood lines. Chocolates, Whites, Bicolour, and solids.

Maryhill Persians


Meow House


Mia's Charming cattery breeder of persian cats Mia's Charming

Moi-Rae Hymns
At Moi-Rae Hymns We Breed Quality, Not Quantity. We specialize in himalayan Chocolate Carriers and Lilac colours. Moi-Rae Hymns is registered with both the CFA and TICA, whereas we show in the TICA NW and the CFA Region 2. Our ultimate goal is to show our cats; those we don't, we are looking for the perfect forever homes to give our babies. All purchasers will have a lifetime commitment of support from Moi-Rae Hymns.

Molly Coddle Persians - Russia, Sankt-Petersburg
Molly-Coddle is a small home cattery. We specialize in himalayan Chocolate Carriers and Lilac colors. Our parents are PKD ,FELV and FIV tested Neg.

Mondeo Animals


I am a cageless PKD/DNA cattery, raising bi-color pure persians and Himalayans. Trying to build my choc. line. My kittens are my babies and my life. I do not over breed and retire by the age of 6 yrs. Please take the time to see the beautiful kittens in my home. Thank you for your time.



Mount Vista Persians – ARKANSAS
We breed beautiful Himalayan and Persians kittens registered with the CFA. We are located in Arkansas. Visit our website and let us know if you have any questions.


Mussi Musk


New Destiny




Pacific Purr



PatsQuats - Portland, Oregon
When just any old chocolate won't do! We are specializing in top quality chocolate and lilac Persians that meet and exceed the breed standard. Showcasing GC PatsQuats Kahlua, Best of color, CFA - National and Region 2 for 2008 and GC PatsQuats Java Kisses. We have show quality cats available.

Paula's Pride


Paws and Purrs

Paws For U
CFA registered cattery, Persians and Himalayans. Bred for beauty, gentleness personality plus perfection. Raised on our beautiful Texas ranch, our kitty's are part of the family. They live in the house with us. They run around and they love people. I now breed chocolate's and chocolate carriers. For more info please email or call.

Perfect Cats
PERFECT CATS CATTERY offers Himalayan-Persian kittens from over seven generations of Championed bloodlines. We specialize in Show Quality and Doll Faced kittens of all colors. We are a small cattery with only three adults. They have tested negative for FIV, FELV, and PKD. We offer health guarantees on all of our kittens. Our cats are our pets, and they and their kittens are allowed to run and play all over our home. Come visit us!

Perpoints Persians & Himalayans
Small Cattery located in Central Ohio. Currently specializing in Lynx Points including chocolate and lilac. Kittens are well socialized and come with a Health Guarantee. All kittens are checked by a Veterinarian and current on vaccinations. Shipping is available within the United States at the Buyer's expense.

Pinkatz - New Hampshire
Pinkatz Exotics & Persians Cattery is located in New Hampshire. We breed for the better ment of the breed.We have some of the finest American & European lines in our breeding program.Breeding and showing our cats is our love and our hobby.


Princeps Persians
Breeding chocolate and lilac Persians.


Purfect Kitty Cattery
We are a small in-home, smoke-free CFA registered cattery breeding Himalayan & CPC Doll Faced Persians. Chocolate and Lilac visuals that are FeLV/FIV negative and PKD DNA tested.

Purrfect Purrsians
We are a small cattery in northeast Alabama raising chocolate and lilac kittens. Other colors are available also. Please send an email to get more information. Check our website for new litters and kittens available.

Pur-Snickity Cattery
I am a breeder of Pure Persian Bi-colors and Himalayans including chocolates and lilacs. I offer pet, breeder and show kittens. I have Chantilylace, Patlen, Purrmunn, Cadilak, Ezluvin, Sandy Paws, Mauarista, Uno Belgatto lines in my pedigrees. I offer reasonable prices and healthy well socialized kittens and cats.




Ridgerose Persians and Exotics
Breeder of Persian and Exotic's,Solid's & Bi color. All Colors Specialising in Chocolate.

RimerRoyals - Tennesee
Chocolates/Lilacs are here and expecting more litters throughout the Spring and Summer. We breed only PKD negative lines. Odd-eye bicolors available at times. Exotics, persians, and himalayans. Visit our website for pics and availablity.


Rosegarth - United Kingdom England
We are a small hobby cattery specialising in chocolate and lilac series persians bred from the very best persian lines. We also breed red black, tortie and tabby and white Persians without chocolate or cp. We offer babies from time to time for pet show and breeding to loving homes and small breeders with cageless catteries.

A small cattery in New Zealand breeding Persians and Exotics in all colours with a special interest in the chocolate - lilac spectrum. Working with the best local lines along with quality imported lines from Daycara, Jiachus, Shirlim, Martes (Australia); Mystere, Cloverhill (UK); Fashfelene (Canada); Foxy, Degentilly, Playwickey, South Paw, Artemis (USA). Enquiries welcome.

Royal Persians - California
Royal Persians is a small in-home cattery. We are widely respected and well known for our Strikingly Beautiful Solid White, Blue Eyed, Doll Faced Persians. All of our Persian cats are CFA registered and come with a 1 year health guarantee!



We are a small, cage free cattery. Our interest is in the development of, the Lilac/Chocolate Himalayan, as well as, Solid Chocolate/Lilac Persians. We work with top bloodlines. We are breeding for 'sweet, open expressions',and healthy, socialized cats. We have been working with purebred cats for over 35 years.



Show Felines


Smoochacat Cattery - Alabama, USA
We are a Small CFA Cattery raising beautiful and loving chocolate and lilac himalayan and persian kittens. Breeding for the CFA Standards for showing and also have sweet, adorable kittens for all cat lovers to enjoy. PKD Negative, Health Guarantee Always. Please visit our Website for available kittens or litter announcements.

SmoChoc-Persians Germany
CFA registered Persians, award winning lines form Europe, Canada, Australia and the US. Special chocolate, lilac, cream, rare smokes, bi-colours and whites.


Stepping Stone

Sugar Clouds - Austria
We breed in the small frame to Persian's putties in Bicolor, Smoke also in Lilac and Chocolate. PKD DNA negatively.



Sweetharmony Himalayans & Persians - Cyprus
Small cattery with PKD DNA tested cats. We are breeding chocolate and lilac self, Bi color, Van, Tabby, Silver-Tabby and Smoke. Serious inquiries are welcome.



UK Based cattery breeding from home Persian and Exotics specialising in chocolate and lilacs in Bi - tri colours, van pattern, solids and tabbies. Breeding lines - Tehy, Wishstar, Artemis, De Linda's, Southpaw, Byhishands, Iwanda, and Rodony.

A Home based small cattery breeding. Persian Chinchillas & Selkirk Rex. Specializing in Chocolate, Lilac and Silver.


Tuleburg Himalayans & Persians - California, USA
Tuleburg Cattery, located in Sebastopol, CA, specializes in breeding of chocolate and lilac kittens, in both solid and pointed varieties. We currently have available solid chocolates, a chocolate tortie, a chocolate tortie point, and a solid chocolate male, worthy of breeding and showing.


Victorian Gardens Cattery - North Carolina, USA
Victorian Gardens Cattery is a small cage free CFA registered Cattery located in Hamilton, North Carolina. Our sires and dams produce beautiful PKD, FELV, FIV negative Persians and Himalayans. We are a HCM Scanned Negative Cattery. All our Dams and Sires are cardiac ultrasounded for HCM, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and come with a 6 year HCM Health Guarantee as well as a one year Genetic Health Guarantee. We DNA test all our foundation dams and sires. Our newest National, Grand Champion and Champion Lines include Stepping Stone, My Ty, Polcann, Homerkits, Uno Belgatto and Catillak to name just a few. Our Sires and Dams produce kittens in an array of colors, including the rarer Chocolate and Lilac colors. All our kittens come with a Veterinarian Health Certificate, 2 sets of 3 in 1 w/Leukemia vaccines, at least 3 dewormings, and a very generous Kitten Care Kit. Please check out our YouTube Videos, Our Cattery Blog, Photo Galley, and Available Kittens Page on our website. We can be reached at (252) 628-9104.

vom Havelland

von Begrow

vom Nordexpress
Small PKD-DNA-negativ tested hobby breeding of nice chocolate and lilac Persians in bicolor and self.

Unique Prestige - Denmark
I breed persian in the color of Lilac/chocolate,white, cream, bluetabby and smoke. My cats are free to be everywhere in the house, and there are no cage.

We are Small cattery located in Denmark we`ve been breeding Persians, Himalayans, and Exotics since 1980. (We do not have exotics in our persian/himalayan lines). We`re are breeding chocolate, lilac, black, blue & tabby. All raised as members of the family. All our cats are PKD tested NEGATIVE by DNA.

Whispurrpaws Persians & Himalayans - Illinois
Whispurrpaws is a small, in-home, DNA PKD NEGATIVE cattery located in Illinois. We raise a limited number of beautiful, healthy, well-socialized Persian & Himalayan kittens. Specializing in bi-colors, calicos, vans, chocolates, lilacs & bi-color Himalayans. Please visit the website for further info. Serious inquiries are always welcome and photos of our precious kittens are available upon request.

CFA himalayan and persian cattery raising pet, breeder, show quality kittens in colors lilac, chocolate, of visual and carriers and the lynx point pattern. Also working with shaded silver, golden and tabbies. Visit my website for more details.

Wintershove Persians & Exotics
We have a small cattery in Belgium. I breed chocolate cats.At the moment we have chocolate kittens


Alabama,Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming,Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain,Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, North America, South American, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand

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