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Welcome cat breeders to the Official Chocolate Cat Fanciers website. Helping cat lovers around the world with a passion for chocolate and lilac locate cat breeders with these hard to find colors.

One of the most dedicated and longest running chocolate cat breeder source online since 1997, continues to be a valuable connection point for breeders worldwide. Highly indexed and ranked within the Internet's Topmost search providers for just about anything and everything relating to chocolate cats welcoming 1.2 million page viewers and growing. Listing in a color specific directory like Chocolate Cat Fanciers, results in highly targeted traffic, whether you want to connect with another breeder working with these colors or be more easily found by cat lovers worldwide, Chocolate Cat Fanciers is your ideal choice!

We provide two listing options: a PRO Breeder Listing, Basic Breeder Listing & PRO Kitten Ads. All cat breeder listings are arranged alphabetically by cattery name with PRO Cat Breeder Listings placed above ALL current and upcoming Basic Listings.

*If you have a cattery/cats registered with a major cat association and you breed pedigree cats which include the colors chocolate, lilac and their variations, submit the form below and choose how many photos you would like in your listing.

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• 8 line cattery description

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Put you cattery name in the subject field when you email us your photos. If you are not able to email us your photos, we can get them off your web site for you, just let us know which ones.

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