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Photo Display

Chocolate & Lilac Cat and Kittens

Showcasing a wide variety of pictures of cats and kittens in the beautiful chocolate and lilac color variety. Since these colors are not as common as some of the others, this site helps others to be able to see them.

Pictures of chocolate and lilac  newborn baby kittens

Pictures of Newborn Himalayan Kittens
Pictures of lilac and seal point Himalayan newborn kittens.

Cat show pictures of chocolate and lilac cats being show

Chocolate Kitten Picture Gallery
Pictures of chocolate kittens.

Lilac Kitten Picture Gallery
Pictures of lilac kittens.

Featured Cat & Kitten Gallery
Index of front page featured chocolate and lilac cats

Blue point Himalayan picture from Ma Lia Katz Color Comparison Himalayan Cat Pictures
Side by side cat photo gallery helping you to view chocolate and lilac Himalayan point cat pictures side by side seals and blues. (script being updated)

Chocolate tortoiseshell kitten from Sweet HarmonyColor Comparison Persian Kitten Pictures
Side by side kitten photo gallery helping you to view chocolate and lilac Persian kitten pictures side by side blacks and blues. (script being updated)

Grand Champion chocolate lilac cats Do you have a great picture of your chocolate or lilac you would like to submit for consideration, please click here!


Chocolate Cat Fanciers Members - share your cat or kitten photo of your chocolate, lilac, chocolate tortoiseshell, lilac cream, chocolate point, lilac point, chocolate & white bicolor, lilac & white bicolor, chocolate torite point, lilac cream point, or other chocolate/lilac color variations for the Photo Gallery where it will be displayed to help others worldwide to see these lovely colors.

Every week or so a new Featured Photo will be chosen from the Photo Gallery and displayed on our Main page (with a link to your listing) as well as indexed at the Featured Cat & Kitten Gallery. Photos chosen must be very clear, sharp, good color saturation, NOT blurry, faded or dark.

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