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Directory Listing Options

Two ways to include your cattery into the Chocolate Cat Breeders Directory*, a PRO Listing or a Basic Listing. Having your cattery included in the cat breeders database is a ideal way to help chocolate cat lovers searching for breeders working with these rare colors. All cat breeder listings are arranged alphabetically by cattery name with PRO Listings placed above all current and upcoming Basic Listings.

*If you have a cattery/cats registered with a major cat association and you breed pedigree cats which include the colors chocolate, chocolate carrier, lilac and their variations, choose a listing type below to add your cattery to the Chocolate Cat Fanciers Breeder Directory.

Choose A Listing Option Below

PRO cattery listing

PRO Cattery Listing Includes:

• Cat Photos (2-8)

• Priority placement above ALL Basic Listings

• A direct link to your cattery web site with your cattery name in bold red text to catch the eye.

• Stand out notice with a new icon added to your listing for 10 days to alert visitors of new entries added.

• Your contact information (with privacy options). Info you mark private will not be visible in your listing.

• Your email address encrypted to protect against email harvesting from spammers.

• 100 word cattery description.

• $25 yr & up (choose the # of photos you want in your listing)

Get A PRO Cattery Listing
Add Your Cattery
Basic cattery listing

Basic Cattery Listing Includes:

• Direct link to your cattery website.

• Stand out notice with a new icon added to your listing for 5 days to alert visitors of new entries added.

45 word cattery description.

• A reciprocal text or banner link is required with a free listing

• No cost

Get A Basic Text Listing

Add Your Cattery


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