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Chocolate Persians

For catlovers of Persians in chocolate and lilac

Chocolate Persians Lilac Persians
Chocolate Persian from Pawdance and Lilac Persian from Furpleasure

If you're searching for chocolate or lilac Persians, the Chocolate Persian Listing will be a great place to look. You'll find a list of cat breeders from around the world working with these beautiful colors. Also check the Chocolate Persian Kittens Listing where breeders list their kittens available. To find a listings of all colors of Persians visit the Cat Breeders Listings.


Persians come in such a wide variety of colors and are divided into 7 color categories in the CFA Persian Standard. There are a total of 95 different Persian colors of which 26 are chocolate and lilac.


White Persian, Blue Persian, Black Persian, Red Persian, Cream Persian, Chocolate Persian and Lilac Persians

Silver and Golden Division Colors

Chinchilla Silver Persian, Shaded Silver Persian, Chinchilla Golden Persian and Shaded Golden Persian

Shaded and Smoke Division Colors

Shell Cameo Persian, Shaded Cameo Persian, Shell Cream Persian, Shaded Cream Persian, Shell Tortoiseshell Persian, Shaded Tortoiseshell Persian, Shell Blue Cream Persian, Shaded Blue Cream Persian, Black Smoke Persian, Blue Smoke Persian, Cream Smoke Persian, Red Smoke Persian, Tortoiseshell Smoke Persian and Blue Cream Smoke Persian

Tabby Division Colors

Silver Tabby Persian (classic, mackerel), Silver Patched Tabby Persian (classic, mackerel), Blue Silver Tabby Persian, (classic, mackerel), Silver Patched Tabby Persian (classic, mackerel), Blue Silver Tabby Persian (classic, mackerel), Blue Silver Patched Tabby Persian (classic, mackerel), Red Tabby Persian (classic, mackerel), Brown Tabby Persian (classic, mackerel), Brown Patched Tabby Persian (classic, mackerel), Blue Tabby Persian (classic, mackerel) Blue Patched Tabby Persian (classic, mackerel), Cream Tabby Persian (classic, mackerel), Cameo Tabby Persian (classic, mackerel), Cream Cameo Tabby Persian (classic, mackerel), Chocolate Tabby Persian (classic, mackerel), Chocolate Patched Tabby Persian (classic, mackerel), Lilac Tabby Persian (classic, mackerel) and Lilac Patched Tabby Persian (classic, mackerel)

Parti-Color Division Colors

Tortoiseshell Persians, Blue Cream Persians, Chocolate Tortoiseshell Persians, and Lilac Cream Persians

Calico and Bi-Color Division Colors

Calico Persian, Dilute Calico Persian, Chocolate Calico Persian, Lilac Calico Persian, Black & White Bicolor Persian, Blue & White Bicolor Persian, Red & White Bicolor Persian, Chocolate & White Bicolor Persian, and Lilac & White Bicolor Persian, Calico Smoke Persian, Dilute Calico Smoke Persian, Chocolate Calico Smoke Persian, Lilac Calico Smoke Persian, Shell Cameo & White Persian, Shell Cream & White Persian, Shell Calico Persian, Shell Dilute Calico Persian, Shell Chocolate Calico Persian, Shell Lilac Calico Persian, Shaded Cameo & White Persian, Shaded Cream & White Persian, Shaded Calico Persian, Shaded Dilute Calico Persian, Shaded Chocolate Calico Persian, Shaded Lilac Calico Persian, Red Tabby & White Persian (classic, mackerel), Brown Tabby & White Persian (classic, mackerel), Patched Tabby & White Persian (classic, mackerel) and Other Tabby & White (classic, mackerel)

Himalayan Division Colors

Chocolate Point Himalayan, Seal Point Himalayan, Lilac Point Himalayan, Blue Point Himalayan, Flame Point Himalayan, Cream Point Himalayan, Tortie Point Himalayan, Blue Cream Point Himalayan, Chocolate Tortie Point Himalayan, Lilac Cream Point Himalayan, Seal Lynx Point Himalayan, Blue Lynx Point Himalayan, Flame Lynx Point Himalayan, Cream Lynx Point Himalayan, Tortie Lynx Point Himalayan, Blue Cream Point Himalayan, Chocolate Lynx Point Himalayan, Lilac Lynx Point Himalayan, Chocolate Tortie Lynx Point Himalayan, and Lilac Cream Point Himalayan.Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, cat breeders, breeder, kittens, cattery, breeders, kittens for sale, catteries, breeders of purebred cats, cats for sale, breedlist, chocolate persians, chocolate persian kittens, catteries with chocolate persians, chocolat, choklat, colours, chocolate spectrum

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