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Chocolate & Lilac Grand Champions

Chocolate - Lilac Grand Champion Statistics

Year of First Chocolate Lilac Grand
# Grands
Hazel Lehman 1969 1
Hsing Alva Livingstone 1977 1
Miversnits Pat Horan with C. Comer 1977 1
Tyland Janet Tyra 1978 3
Cactusway Toni Renzacci 1980 4
Lyka Lyle Kaufman 1982 1
Furrytails Jean Grimm 1983 1
QD Pies Cindy Walbridge 1992 4
Kariston Kerrie Meek 1993 4
Kissncats Dorothy Woofter 1995 1
Verlaine Masko Uchiiki 1995 1
Foxy BJ Fox 1995 5
Odin Martha Kohlmeyer 1996 4
New Destiny Teresa Schroeder 1998 3
Yo-Mans Myrtle Youmans 1998 2
Kutzikoo Heather Kutz 1998 6
Fur Pleasure Michael Roach 1998 6
Protocol Charlie Shirk with Kerrie Meek 1999 1
Degentilly Andre Garneau 1999 1
Tuleburg Barbara Redalia with L Sullivan 1999 1
Sandley Sandra Cameron 1999 1
Mountcascade John Adelhock with Tony Nardone 2000 1
Lake Hyko Teresa Glisson 2000 1
Featherland Lorraine Shelton 2001 1
Furxxtc Krisann McDonnell 2002 1
Pawdance Junelle Rehmeyer 2005 1
Jude Persians Judy Harper 2006 1
Chamagoura Karen Murth
2007 1
Kingdomkatz Allyson Paruzynski 2007 1
PatsQuats Pat Marshall 2008 4

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