If you have a passion for cats of the chocolate variety, you'll find this unique site of interest. To help in your search for chocolate & lilac Persians, you'll find a Chocolate Persians Available Board. To help locate other chocolate breeders in your area you'll want to check out the Chocolate Catteries Directory for breeders nearest you. Don't forget to check out the Cats Mini-Mall for exclusive chocolate Persians cat t-shirts & gifts, cat toys, cat food, cat furniture, cat calendars & more...Enjoy!

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Worldwide chocolate breeders directory, chocolate & lilac Grand Champion gallery, genetic helpbox, spotlight catteries, color charts, kittens available & inquiry message boards, photos gallery and much more.

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Exclusive chocolate Persian cat t-shirts, cat clocks, cat mugs & coasters, cat mouse pads, sweat shirts, fleece jackets, hats, aprons, coffee mugs, carrying bags, cat posters calendars, tile boxes, lunch boxes, adorable teddy bears, baby clothes and more.

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Fine selection of fun cat toys from sparkle balls and fur covered mice to fun interactive scratch and play toys, a variety of warm cozy cat beds, cat food, scratching posts, unique running water fountains, cat furniture and more.

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