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& Lilac persian kittens, cat lovers, chocoholics, chocolate persian breeders & other cat breeds to a unique source for those with a fancy for cats in the chocolate rainbow and all their variations.

If you are looking for chocolate Persian kittens, lilac point Himalayan kittens, Exotic chocolate, chocolate Munchkins, lilac Siamese or lilac Ragdoll kittens and cats you've come to the right place!

Browse our site for your next family companion cat or kitten pet, breeder or show quality in the chocolate lilac color spectrum at You will find these sweet colors in cat breeds such as Himalayans, Ragdolls, Exotic Shorthairs, Munchkins, Siamese, Himalayans or Persian kittens under cats for sale in the Kitten Listings and Cat Breeder Listings will be a great place to do your search.

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chocolate cats kittens Chocolate & Lilac Cat Breeds - Chocolate Cat Fanciers has been helping cat lovers around the world with a passion for chocolate and lilac find cat breeders working with these special colors since 1996. Chocolate Cats is one of the earliest online cat sites of this type. The original breeders listing consisted of catteries with chocolate and lilac Persians, then shortly after expanded to represent all other cat breeds that also produce these more rare colors. Currently there are fifteen cat breeds. Topping the list are Persians and Exotics as having the widest color variety with twenty six chocolate rainbow of colors to choose from.

chocolate cat breeders
Chocolate & Lilac Cat Breeders
- Since chocolate and lilac cats are not as widely available as your more common cat colors, trying to locate a cattery can be quite frustrating and difficult. Hours of endless searches through cat directories and visiting numerous cattery web sites with the offchance of finding any of these colors. At we make it easy for you, helping you save time and simplify your search for pet, breed and show cats and kittens. Our unique chocolate directory organizes cattery listings by cat breed providing quick access to cattery websites worldwide. Chocolate Persian FaviconChocolate Persians Favicon Bookmark us!

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Chocolate Cats is where its at!Quick peak inside Chocolate Cat Fanciers ...... to help in your search for a chocolate or lilac pet, breed or show kitties, you'll find a various breed listings with those working with these rare colors from around the world.

You'll also find a section with chocolate cat articles, cat color guides, cat photos of rare chocolate cats, kitten photo gallery, grand gallery with photos of chocolate and lilac Grand Champions around the world, chocolate color charts and more.

If you're looking to add a new addition to your family, the kitten listings will be a wonderful place to look for chocolate or lilac kittens.

If you're having trouble thinking of a name for your new chocolate or lilac kitten, you're sure to find something cute in the cat names section.

If you're surfing the net for unique cat lovers gifts, a great place to pamper your kitty and yourself at the Pets Mini Mall under the cats section for a chock full of cat toys, cat food, cat scratching furniture, cat climbing trees, cat t-shirts, cat mugs, mousepads, cat clocks, calendars, magnets, buttons, and many other cool gifts to choose from.

Did you know not all cats can be found in the chocolate variety. You will find a cattery listing here of breeders from the cat breeds below in bold text.

Cat Breeds: Abyssinians, American Bobtails, American Curls, American Shorthairs, American Wirehairs, Balinese, Birmans, Bombays, British Shorthairs, Burmese, Chantily Tiffany, Chartreux, Colorpoint Shorthairs, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Egyptian Maus, Euroean Burmese, Exotics, Havana Brown, Himalayans, Japanese Bobtails, Javanese, Korats, LaPerms, Maine Coons, Manx, Munchkins, Napoleons, Norwegian Forest, Ocicats, Oriental, Persians, RagaMuffins, Ragdolls, Russian Blues, Russian Peterbalds, Scottish Folds, Selkirk Rex, Siamese, Siberians, Singapuras, Somali, Sphynx, Tonkinese, Turkish Angoras, Turkish Vans

Chocolate Persian - Chocolate Himalayan Colors
Persians are the most popular breed and come in the widest variety of colors! There are a total of 95 rainbow of colors to choose from, 26 of which are chocolate and lilac.

Chocolate Persian Colors - solid chocolate, chocolate tortoiseshell, chocolate point, chocolate tortie point, chocolate lynx point, chocolate tortie lynx point, chocolate and white bicolor, chocolate calico, chocolate calico smoke, shell chocolate calico, shaded chocolate calico, chocolate tabby, chocolate patched tabby.

Lilac Persian Colors - solid lilac, lilac tortoiseshell, lilac point, lilac cream point, lilac lynx point, lilac cream lynx point, lilac and white bicolor, lilac calico, lilac calico smoke, shell lilac calico, shaded lilac calico, lilac tabby, and lilac patched tabby.

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